Asian Ryder Cup 2023



The Asian Ryder Cup 2023 International Golf Tournament will be held from August 23 to 25 at the prestigious golf clubs Zhailjau and NURTAU, bringing together participants from China, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, South Korea and Kazakhstan under their flags.

The tournament covers three game days:

On August 23, at 19:00, the draw of the teams will take place at the NURTAU Golf Club, where the captains and vice-captains of the teams are invited. The teams will be divided into two groups "A" and "B", group "A" competes on NURTAU Group, respectively, group "B" on Zhailjau Group.

On August 24, according to the results of the draw, the teams go to the clubs of NURTAU Group and Zhailjau Group.

According to the regulations of this tournament, the number of players in one team is 24 men, and the format of the game is defined – MATCH PLAY without handicap.

Tournament Rules:

· 8 team members play Single Match
- Winning a Single Match gives the team 1 (one) point
· 8 pairs – (16 players) play doubles matches
- The first 9 holes are played SCRAMBLE in match play format
- The second 9 holes are played FOURBALL in the match play format (best ball, where the best result on the hole of one of the players of the pair is counted)
- Winning a doubles match gives the team 2 (two) points
· Draw on 18 holes – teams share these points
· 24 points are awarded in each team match
· Draw "12:12" – a replay in the Singles Match Play format on the 9th hole of NURTAU Group or on the 18th hole of Zhailjau Group between one pair. The replay players are selected by the team captain. In case of a draw in this replay, another Single Match Play is played by another pair of players selected by the captains. And so on - until one of the teams wins.
· Cars and rangefinders – allowed
· Draw by the captains of the teams of playing pairs for the match:

At 12:00 p.m. of each game day, team captains determine the current day's game pairs according to the order of "request-response". A deliberately weak or strong response is not allowed to maintain the competitive spirit in the game. It is allowed to replace the main squad with no more than two additional players on the second game day.

If you have any questions about the rules, please contact the judges of the tournament:

Stanislav Staskov +7 701 599 88 99

Gaudi Hall +7 701 883 01 00

We wish good luck to all participants of the Asian Ryder Cup 2023 tournament!